I Want To Break Free is a project that explores the effects of feeling trapped in the mind and spirit as when we’re caught up in the inescapable, dark ocean of our internal ruminations. 

I Want to Break Free is an interactive installation where the audience can create their own responses on paper to be displayed on a corresponding “reaction wall” next to the sculpture. The installation consists of two parts; a large sculpture and the wall.  A standalone sculpture (approximately 180cm x 190cm x 120cm) consisting of two cubes (of different sizes) made out of wire with several intertwined LED strips of two different colours passing through like abstracted waves, mimicking the up and down feelings going on in our brains. The two cubes are suspended at unstable angles mimicking our minds and creating an impression of tension. The larger of the cage-like cubes directs the flow of the waves but only as far as the next (smaller) cage as our thoughts and feelings try to escape our mind but always find another barrier that keeps them trapped inside. The audience  interact with the piece by responding on small paper notepads which they can stick on the wall next to it. 

Previous version.jpg
Responses notes from a previous version.
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Previous version with an audience.jpg