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MOHA, 2019 (200cm x 200cm x 2000cm) 

at the Collective (Canary Wharf) 20 Crossharbour Plaza, London E14 9YF 

MOHA is a large scale, site-specific installation made from white paper (a symbol of purity in Buddhism), scorched on the reverse side by candle flames. The paper is ripped then reconstructed as a flowing sculpture suspended from the ceiling. It looms over the viewer, its dimension and aspect demanding attention. 


MOHA, meaning ‘Ignorance’ or ‘Delusion’ in Pali*, examines the nature of desire. This Buddhist concept of ignorance questions our understanding of truth when our delusions cloud our judgment and lead to burning desire. 


*Pali is the language of the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism, written in Sri Lanka during the 1st century BC. Today, Pali is studied mainly by those wishing to read the original scriptures of Buddhism and is the language frequently chanted in sacred rituals).


EVERLASTING LOVE, 2019 (150cm x 15cm x 210cm)

at the Collective (Canary Wharf, London)

When we are in love with somebody we want to spend every moment with that person. But how do we maintain that feeling over time so that the love lasts? Buddhism teaches us that Love must combine four elements to ensure it remains true and enduring:

Firstly it demands a deeper understanding of the person themselves and who they are.

Secondly, you must communicate, listen and understand the concerns of that person and offer help if requested.

Thirdly it asks that you do things that bring you joy both together and also as individuals.

Lastly, it requires each person develop a sense of freedom within the relationship. Each person should feel free to be an individual to allow them to grow and develop in their own way.


The solid wires in the piece represent individual gestures within a strong relationship while the sculpted, coloured LEDs suggest our individual freedoms. The rhythms created by the distance between each object echo these freedoms. The viewer will be invited to attach a padlock to the piece which most resonates with them as a symbol of lasting commitment.


LETTING GO, 2019 (150cm x 50cm x 150cm) 

at the Collective (Canary Wharf, London)


It inspired by learning how to let go. Our ego is the failure and success of our lives. It creates and feeds our desires and greed, which ultimately leads us to suffering (dissatisfaction). To eradicate ego, we practice non-attachment, to things, people and ideas. We must detach from our ideas of self and others, rid the opinions and stereotypes of a certain group of people or things. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but it must be opinion based on wisdom, not mere superficial observance.



at the Collective (Canary Wharf, London)



My World Your World, 2019 

at Peckham Levels, London SE15

An installation inspired by lines that divide us: political, cultural, economic, geographical, and those desires, anxieties, hopes that inform our commonality yet are easy to forget in times of division. 



Boxing inspired video

London Fashion Week 2019 for Mullika Nakara brand at the House of IKons, Kensington, London

Mural Art, 2022 

for a private customer, Mayfair, London

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