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DUKKHA is a project that explores the effects of feeling trapped in the mind and spirit just as when we’re caught up in the inescapable. We have tried desperately to eliminate such thoughts but they keep coming back.  A narrow view of life means the disorder of life ends up preoccupying us disproportionately and our minds are constantly rejecting things or holding on to them. Meditation is the freedom to contemplate the mind itself. Let us take the simple sentence “I am” and begin to notice, to contemplate, to reflect upon those thought processes themselves. This broadens our minds and dissipates the disorder.


The sculpture consists of a series of cages attached to the wall intertwined with LED strips of two different colours. The light passes through like abstracted waves, mimicking the up and down feelings going on in our brains but finding a beauty in the disorder, a rhythm in the chaos.


DUKKHA, meaning 'suffering', 'pain', 'unsatisfactoriness' or 'stress' in Pali* It's an important Buddhist concept and it refers to the fundamental unsatisfactoriness and painfulness of mundane life.



 LED stripe and aluminium wired

120cm x1900cm x 180cm


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