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The Thai-British artist Jade Chorkularb was born in Thailand in 1971, moving to London in 1996. An award-winning conceptual artist working in multiple media, notably sculpture, painting, installation, video and performance, Jade Chorkularb holds an MSc in Interactive Multimedia  (completed her MSc in 2001) and is the Winner of the Jerwood Drawing Prize  (Student)  2016  (the winning piece can be seen here.)


Her work has been shown in over 20 international art exhibitions, film festivals and galleries in major cities in the USA, Maccedonia, Colombia, the UK, Germany, Italy, Korea and the Netherlands. Her current solo show is now at the Tribes Community, Bangkok, Thailand.


My work as an artist is a reflection of my belief in Buddhism, particularly Anatta meditation, the practice of no self. It transcends boundaries, inviting introspection and contemplation of the human condition. From immersive installations to sculptures, paintings, and video art, each medium provides a gateway to different dimensions of perception. No-Self meditation guides my creative process, fostering introspection and inspiring authentic expression. Through my work, I visually manifest the interconnectedness and impermanence of existence, blurring the boundaries between the physical and metaphysical. I aim to create a sanctuary for viewers, prompting them to question perceptions, fostering empathy, and deepening our understanding of interconnectedness. Art has the power to unite and celebrate our shared human experience.

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