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MOHA is a large scale, site-specific installation made from white paper (a symbol of purity in Buddhism), scorched on the reverse side by candle flames. The installation is suspended over the head of the viewer, appearing to loom over them.


Meaning ‘Ignorance’ or ‘Delusion’ in Pali*, MOHA examines the nature of desire and the years leading up to the menopause, exploring how the female mid-life crisis can express itself through infidelity, engendered by romantic illusions.


*Pali is the language of the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism, written in Sri Lanka during the 1st century BC. Today, Pali is studied mainly by those wishing to read the original scriptures of Buddhism and is the language frequently chanted in sacred rituals).


Flame drawings on paper

320cm x 340cm x 410cm


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